COPSEMAR is a second-level cooperative integrating most rice-growing cooperatives in Spain which share a common goal: to produce high-quality rice seeds at the most competitive market price. It was founded in 1986 as heir to the Spanish Rice Farmers Federation Seed Unit [Servicio de Semillas de la FederaciĆ³n de Agricultores Arroceros de EspaƱa] created in 1966 with far-reaching experience in the sector, guaranteeing a high level of efficiency.

Seed multiplication is carried out using two systems: Plots are cultivated first-hand by the company whereby the first generations of each seed variety are produced. Plots are cultivated by collaborating farmers and members of cooperatives forming part of the company which undertake the multiplication of the latest generations of each variety in line with the technical regulations issued by the company.

Once harvested and dried, the seeds are subsequently sorted, packaged and labelled and stored in COPSEMAR warehouses in accordance with and even beyond what is required by current regulations in order to guarantee superior quality.

Sampling and subsequent analysis of the seed batches carried out by approved service providers for each community in which the seed is produced constitute the final phase of monitoring of the produced seed.


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